The Economic Case

The Economic Case

Open, inclusive and diverse societies are better for business and better for economic growth. The Open For Business reports seek to present the evidence base that supports this: demonstrating that businesses thrive in tolerant societies and that the spread of anti-LGBT+ policies runs counter to the interests of business and economic development.

The evidence base and a focus on cities is presented below, along with four case studies of cities that are advancing economically while also being LGBT+ inclusive. We also include a link to the first Open For Business City Ratings, a guide of 121 global cities that shows how “open for business” they are – inclusive, progressive and economically competitive.

The Evidence Base


The Open For Business report brings together a broad base of research undertaken from different perspectives and with different geographical foci, and identifies themes that are globally relevant.


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Special Focus: Cities


Cities that are LGBT+ inclusive are better placed to develop their global competitiveness: evidence shows they have stronger “innovation ecosystems”, greater concentrations of skills and talent, and better quality of life.


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Open For Business City Ratings


How “open for business” is your city?


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Case Study: Medellín


The transformation of a city.


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Case Study: Ho Chi Minh City


Rising up the value chain.


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Case Study: Guadalajara


Transition to a high-value economy.


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Case Study: Bangalore


Competing on a world stage.


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