The Global Situation

A backlash against LGBT+ inclusion

In some parts of the world, there is rising antagonism towards LGBT+ people, who are suffering discrimination at the hands of politicians and lawmakers. It has been described as a “backlash” against the clear long-term arc towards global LGBT+ inclusion.

Same-sex acts are illegal in 71 countries (37% of all UN States); 2.8 billion people live in countries where consensual same-sex acts are a crime. Even in countries without such laws, LGBT+ people suffer other forms of state-sponsored oppression – including Indonesia, Russia and many Eastern European countries.

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Sexual Orientation: social attitudes


Learn more about the social attitudes across the world towards sexual orientation.


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Gender Identity: social acceptance


Learn more about the social acceptance of Gender Identity across the world.


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A path towards LGBT+ inclusion


The anti-LGBT+ policies pursued in some countries run counter to the path towards inclusion taken by most of the international community.


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A concern for business


The growth of anti-LGBT+ sentiment in some parts of the world is a concern for the global businesses community.


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A universal path

The advance of LGBT+ rights in some countries, and its simultaneous retreat in many other places throws up difficult dilemmas for the global business community, which places values of inclusion and diversity at its core. Many business leaders would share the sentiments of Anastasia Smirnova, a Russian LGBT+ activist, who told us: “I hope we don’t end up with multiple scenarios, but that there is one universal path, so we can all be on the right side of history”.


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