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Media coverage: Hugo Greenhalgh, FT | Jun 7, 2016

Companies face up to clash of cultures over LGBT rights [Paywall]


“Businesses perform better when the companies offer an environment that is LGBT-friendly and they pursue pro-LGBT policies.” – Jon Miller, Brunswick Group


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Member activity: The Economist | Apr 25, 2016

EIU Perspectives podcast: Forget being PC – Lives are at stake


Matthew Bishop is joined by Jon Miller of the Brunswick Group to discuss why leading multinational firms have formed Open For Business, a global coalition to campaign for LGBT rights.


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Media coverage: Rahel Gebreyes, Huffington Post | Jan 25, 2016

Video: The Economic Case For Global LGBT Rights

A report from the Open For Business Coalition shows a close correlation between economic development and LGBT inclusion.

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Media coverage: David Hudson, Gay Star News | Jan 22, 2016

Accenture, Barclays, Microsoft and Tesco join global coalition pushing for LGBT rights

Announcement made in Davos, Switzerland, at an event hosted by Microsoft entitled ‘Securing LGBT Rights In The Global Marketplace’.

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Member activity: LinkedIn | Oct 1, 2015

A Clear Message For Countries Where It’s Illegal To Be Gay

Sir Richard Branson: The moral case has been made; now we have the economic evidence.

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Media coverage: Jill Treanor, The Guardian, Sep 29, 2015

Campaign launched highlighting economic case for pro-LGBT rights

Open for Business ‘pulls together data that makes the case for the LGBT community in the workplace’

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