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About Open For Business

Open For Business is a response by a number of leading global businesses to the growing backlash against LGBT+ inclusion in many parts of the world. The coalition has charity status in the US and is able to accept tax-deductible donations.

Our coalition partners share a deep-rooted commitment to diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces, and they are concerned about the spread of anti-LGBT+ policies in many countries in which they operate.

The economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion is central to the mission of Open For Business. In 2015 the coalition published a report containing the most comprehensive evidence base linking LGBT+ inclusion to better economic and business performance. This report was pivotal to reframing LGBT+ rights as an economic issue, as well as a human rights issue.

The second report of the Open For Business coalition, published in January 2018, further strengthens the economic case. It is intended to fuel our Open For Business programs, which exist on two levels:

Local Influencer Programme

Our Local Influencer Program works with senior business leaders in countries with anti-LGBT+ sentiments, creating advocates for positive change by giving them the evidence and the impetus to use their influence. Already, Open For Business has initiated C-Suite networks in nine countries, working closely with local LGBT+ groups. To date, local advocacy networks have been initiated in the following nine locations: Brazil, Bulgaria, the Caribbean, China, Hungary, India, Kenya, Singapore and South Africa.

Working with senior business leaders in countries where LGBT+ inclusion is a challenge

Global Influencer Programme

Our Global Influencer Program harnesses the voice of high profile global business leaders, building a consensus in the international business community around the economic case for LGBT+ inclusion, and raising awareness through top tier global press, social media and events.

Six LGBT+ advocates travelled to the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos

Our task is to present the business rationale for global LGBT+ inclusion. The moral case has already been made, and now the economic case continues to grow stronger: successful, enterprising businesses thrive in diverse, inclusive societies and the spread of anti-LGBT+ policies runs counter to the interests of business and economic development. Please consider making a donation to enable us to continue advancing LGBT+ inclusion globally.

Open For Business Launch

Open For Business formally launched in September 2015 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Summit. Watch the launch here.

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If you find these reports useful, please consider making a small donation to help us continue advancing LGBT+ inclusion around the world.

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